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A Strategy for Greening your Campus.

Safely managing materials from various campus departments, including batteries, electronics, paint products, landscaping chemicals, chemicals, fluorescent tubes, maintenance products, electronics, and many other potentially hazardous materials can be a challenge. Waste Management’s At Your Door Special Collection® service can provide a solution for materials management at your university, school or other academic facility.

The At Your Door Special Collection service can help to promote a sustainable physical environment through the collection, proper handling and and disposal of numerous potentially hazardous materials. This may include setting up campus wide collection sites or cleaning out your facility operations maintenance yard. Waste Management can create a total solution that fits your campus.

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Clean Out Services

If your campus maintenance yard, computer lab, or dorms are overflowing with unwanted materials — we can help. Monthly, quarterly or yearly clean outs can be arranged to properly collect and dispose of numerous potentially hazardous materials and unwanted electronics. As part of this environmentally friendly service, many of these materials will be sent to be recycled. This service is part of an overall material management service provided by Waste Management, which can include collection of a wide variety of unwanted items. 


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