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WM's At Your Door Special Collection® service can safely collect many types of unwanted potentially hazardous and hard-to-recycle items from your home. Scheduling a home collection is as easy as 1–2–3. 

The items listed below are the most commonly collected, you will be provided specific details for your community.


Household Chemicals
Ammonia, cleaning compounds, bleach, floor stripper, drain cleaner, rust remover, carpet/upholstery cleaner, tile/shower cleaner, and more
Automotive Products
Antifreeze, motor oil, oil filters, fluids, polish, waxes, vehicle batteries, upholstery cleaners, and more
Consumer Electronics
Computers, laptops, keyboards, monitors, microwaves, DVD/CD players, CD ROM, fax machines, cell phones, VCRs, desktop printers, scanners, gaming systems, related cords, and more
Paint Products
Oil-based paint, latex paint, spray paint, artist paint, wood preservative, stain, caulk, sealer and more
Batteries of various sizes: AA, AAA, C, D and rechargeable.
Garden Chemicals
Herbicide, insect spray/ insecticide, fertilizer, pesticide, and more
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and straight fluorescent tubes
Thermometers and thermostats
Numerous items that contain mercury
Flammable Items
Kerosene, gasoline, solvents and more
Syringes and Lancets
Sharps, syringes, needles and lancets
Swimming Pool Chemicals
Pool acid, stabilizer, chlorine




Request a home collection of your items.                      Have list of your unwanted materials ready.


Open the collection kit.                                                  Read and follow the instructions.


Place materials out before 7:00a.m.

                                                             Items NOT accepted through this service
 Asbestos   Biological Waste   Medicines and prescriptions
 Ammunition and explosives   Commercial or  business supplies   Unknown or unlabeled materials 
 Trash, including bulky items and furniture   Incandescent light bulbs  Appliances: washing  machines, vacuums,  tools, or refrigerators, 
 Tires   Liquid mercury   Radioactive items
 Containers over 5 gallons   Leaking or empty containers   Smoke detectors 
 Lamp fixtures   Construction related materials   Items improperly packaged for  transportation 

  In order to participate in this service, your community must have an agreement in place. Contact us for complete program details.


This service is only available in communities that have contracted with WM to provide this service in their area. If you would like this service in your area, contact your municipality and ask them to request information about WM’s At Your Door Special Collection service. A municipal representative can obtain service details from their WM Representative.
Our process is very easy. After you schedule a home collection appointment, a collection kit is mailed to your home, providing you with the necessary time for the kit to arrive and giving you time to gather eligible materials and properly package them for collection. Our goal is to collect all of the eligible unwanted items in one appointment. Collection dates will vary as routes are based on demand.
On the assigned collection date, our Service Technicians will arrive anytime between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to collect the materials. You are not required to be present during the collection. Collection service occurs Monday- Friday. By selecting this service, you agree and give permission for WM’s personnel and vehicle(s) to enter upon your property to provide services, which may include vehicle entry to a private road or driveway as needed, and you release WM from any claims for damage to your property including road surfaces caused in the ordinary course of providing the service, excepting and excluding any damage caused by WM’s negligence. In addition, you agree to provide WM with any gate or access codes necessary to provide the services.
Our Service Technicians do not ring bells or contact the resident when they arrive at your home. They are not allowed to enter homes, garages, basements, backyards, or sheds. You are not required to be present during the collection.

Place your materials outside of your home, near your front door or garage area at ground level. Materials cannot be inside of a home, garage, shed, basement, behind a locked gate or in the backyard. Don’t place your items near the curb, in the street or alleyway. All items must be clearly visible and easily accessible from the street when the Technician arrives. Please place items in a location that allows for a safe collection and free of debris, snow ice, etc. All pets should also be secured to allow our Technician access to your items.

Our Service Technicians are on a separate route with different trucks than the regular trash trucks. Check the instruction sheet for your scheduled collection date. Do not place your items near your trash can on trash day.
No. In order to best service your area, this is a home collection program. We come to you! There is no need to drop off your items.
A collection kit, with the containment bag, will be sent to you after you schedule your appointment date.
If you need to schedule your appointment, please call 1-800-449-7587.
Many items can be repurposed, there are a wide variety of resources available for suggestions. Go to your community’s website or the Environmental Protection Agency. For example, excess bleach has many potential uses.